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Sunday, June 16, 2013

sweet november

sorry that the title is in portuguese

2001 release. im pretty sure you havent heard of it. but if yourle lucky to see this post. CONGRATULATIONS, your life is about to change. PLEASE, you MUST WATCH it. its so sad.. and its soo romantic and wow.. let youtube do its work. 

 let me give you a hint, its a passionate, unexpected love destroyed by CANCER.
CANCER <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
but wow, it gives you goosebumps. its a perfect love. trust me, its a MUST SEE. 
you dont need to wait for christmas

its not a goodbye

i cant stop thinking about you

sweetest of them all


we just saw the movie yesterday they told us it was not a good movie because the only thing that will smith (main character in prince of bel air) 

wanted was to commercialize his son. and why not? Jaden Smith is really athletic, has a nice attitude, dances really good, acts SOOO GOOD just like his father. 
 what should i do with you maaan
like yeah, i got your ears instead of your nose.

will, you need to workout dude.

some chinese letters in this picture LOL
its actually an advice that will smith gives to jaden, apart from the role in the movie, the pursuit of happiness.

and besides, the movie is actually an ecologic movie, its a new way of telling us we have to stop destroying EARTH, its home not our personal canvas to JUST create and not MANTAIN our natural beauties.

lets see what famous people think about it. 

so well let me tell you that its a great movie. its actually a MUST SEE! youll love it. and it has a little of suspense, fun, sadness (well, the movie is sad) corageousness, and LOVE. it actually reminds me of Life of Pi a little bit (which we owe you a post, coming soon). 

this scene is sooo fuunny hahaha

ready, set GO

yeah, lets feel the rain while it kills me. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I,  know weve been lost like for about a year. we are sorry. but now we are BACK again! its time for a new start ohh yeah! so lets begin with a great movie. Exactly what you are thinking: The Perks of Being a Wallflower? have you heard of it? well, of course you have since a lot of great actors worked on it. like Emma Stone (from the famous Harry Potter series), 

Nina Dobrev (from Vampire Diaries)

and her brother Logan Lerman

we are a little bit lazy today because we are on vacations so we are just going to let youtube do the work for us THANK YOU YOUTUBE. 

so well now that you know what the plot of the movie is about, you wan watch this pictures or gifs and our favorite quotes after we've analized them all of course..... AMEN 

jmmmmm... just friends right??
Before charlie kissed emma thinking she was the prettiest in the room. BUUUURNNNN

looks like Troy Bolton right?

u wish you looked like her? WE ALL DO!

Perks of Being a Wallflower >>>>>>>